• Thank you! I think I’ll be buying his UGGS soon now that the weather is getting a little colder, I’ve tried holding off as long as possible but I can’t wait anymore!!!! x

    • My little one has always like to be wrapped up, he takes after me – no matter how warm it is we like a cover on us, the hubby on the other hand is the complete opposite!

    • The Calpol plug is now in full use as little one has a blocked nose :o( I ran out of the refills when he got ill, was a disaster as he literally kept us up all night. Now that I have restocked he’s back to sleeping through the night comfortable, definitely prefer it to Olbas Oil drops.

  1. I wouldn’t usually buy him UGGs at this age because they’re so expensive but my in-laws gave him money for his birthday so thought why not! We are in full blown fleece PJ mode, I stocked up from Primark a couple of months ago so had them ready to go, I haven’t pulled the humidifier out yet but then my heating isn’t on at night but once that kicks in it will be in full use. Thanks for commenting x

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