1. Wow it sounds like you are doing brilliantly and in just one week. I have been told that getting them to poo in the potty is the hardest as they tend to try and hold onto it and hence the accidents but you sound like you are not having any real issues. Well done!

    Thanks for linking up with #KCACOLS and we hope to see you back next week 🙂 x
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    • Thanks Emma. I think that sounds about right when it come to pooing in the potty, I don’t think he can tell when he can no longer hold it. I suppose he’ll get there eventually x

  2. ah wow 23 months that is good going. my son is 3 this month and I just started a month ago. it went better than expected too. and after a week he was telling me he needed a wee. wees are nailed but it’s poos that have been more troublesome. he doesn’t seem to fully “go” and we end up having many poo incidents. patience ey! #MarvMondays

    • Well done to your little man! We’re not there yet with him telling us he needs to go, I have to watch out flr his little signs but totally get the poo thing, my god! We’re exactly the same, no accidents with wees after a couple of days, even when put but poos are a completely different story, I think they try holding it and the it’s too late! x

  3. That’s great how well he has done! We haven’t started going diaper free but are using pull-ups and trying to get him used to trying the potty. Hasn’t been going to well but we need to be more consistent. Good luck on week 2. You’re doing great😀#KCACOLS

  4. Well done on a successful first week of potty training! It sounds like it has gone really well!
    I hope week two is successful too (I am sure it will be!) I will remember this for when we start with our little man (he is 20 months old). #KCACOLS

  5. Well done!!! We’ll need to potty train our 2 year old at some point over the next few months and I’m dreading it so I will be bookmarking this post, it’s so useful and detailed thank you for sharing!!!

    • Awww thank you so much. I was totally the same, but they have their little way of suprising us. Def stock up on chocolates and your drink of choice though you’ol be needing a treat at the end of the day! x

  6. So happy to hear that your first week of potty training went well! We started introducing the potty to my 14 month old, and were able to catch quite a few pees! Since he’s not quite walking on his own, it’s a little more difficult to see when he has to go.

    It definitely sounds like baby K is adjusting to the potty perfectly-and I’m so happy to hear it wasn’t as bad as you thought it’d be (: <3 Best of luck in week 2! #KCACOLS
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    • Thank you. Wow 14 months, well done baby boy and mummy! He’ll be peeing and pooping in the potty with no problems once he starts walking x

  7. Well done to you and your little man! It’s interesting to read how differently we all approach potty training. We used pants with our eldest so he would feel
    The sensation of being wet and know what came before it, but we waited until he was two and a half and had started to show an interest in the potty and the toilet. He’s four now and starting school in September, so it’s all about learning to wipe now! He’s also still in bedtime pants, but they’re usually dry when he wakes up so I’m hoping we will be out of them soon!
    Really interesting to read about your potty adventure! #KCACOLS

    • Thank you! I tend to dive into things head first, it hasn’t backfired on me yet so it seems to work for baby K! We were the same with the potty, I put one in the bathroom and everytime we’d go he’d pull his potty out and pretend to have a wee! Oh bless your little one, he must be so excited to start school and be all independant while we sob in the school playground! 😊

    • It’ll be you soon! I think I expected the worst but he has really suprised me with how well he is doing. I can’t wait to read how your little lady gets on when it’s her turn! x

  8. Ah well done, thats such great progress! It took us a similar amount of time (8 days in total) to get our little lady dry at 2.5 so you guys are doing amazingly well 🙂 I was also plesantly surprised by the lack of night time incidents and how quickly she got the whole thing. Well done lovely, great little diary post! Thanks for linking it up to #MarvMondays. Emily

    • Thanks! It seems he has picked up being dry at nights a lot quicker. I’ve stocked up on more chocs to get me through the next couple of weeks and pants for little one 😊 x

  9. Thank you! I’m.not sure if the being dry at night was a fluke because I don’t have another baby to compare it to but I pretty much did what was Jaimie wrote in her book Oh crap potty training. I hope it goes well when you start, one more month to go eeeekk!!! 😊 x

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