1. Oh good luck..I love the ikea potty…it’s got a lovely wide rim that seems to be quite comfy for my son (we were having comfort issues with another one we were given!). I am going in the opposite way to you – we are taking it very slowly, and I am a beginner too so can’t offer any advice I’m afraid! Not the most useful comment you’ll receive I’m sure! Thanks for sharing with #FamilyFun
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    • Oh great I didn’t know anybody that used the Ikea potty, I brought it on a whim because as you said the rim looks large. I’m not sure if I’m being daft going cold turkey with the nappies but I’m sure going to find out soon. I think it’s because I’ve done most things this way, kind of dived straight in so we’ll see x

    • I hope it’s going well. I did a Primark shop on Wednesday stocking up on pants, tracksuit bottoms and little vests ready for any accidents, hopefully there won’t be too many! x

    • Thank you, that’s the plan. So far he hasn’t kicked up a fuss about sitting on the potty, he seems to be more fascinated with what’s going in to it AND we have a potty dance! The joys of parenting! x

  2. Good luck!! As someone who has been through it twice with girls, I think your list is spot-on! We invested in the Pottette travel potty and liners and used them all the time, got us out of many close calls! We also had an ikea potty, you just can’t beat the cost. I somehow missed the whole car seat protector and would definitely have found one useful.
    My advice would be to not worry too much about your boy being dry at night. I didn’t realise that night time dryness depends on a certain hormone kicking in. My first was dry in day at 2yrs but not at night until 4yrs. My second was dry in day and night at same time at 3yrs. So different!
    Kathy xx #KCACOLS

    • Thank you! Anyone would think I’m going to potty war with the amount of stuff I brought lol! Having now used the IKEA potty it’s definitely one I would recommend to everyone. We’re on the second night tonight, I bit the bullet last night and put him down with no nappy and he woke up dry, but not sure if this was a fluke so we’ll see tonight. Hopefully mine will be like your second, but I suppose accidents will happen lol. Thanks for commenting x

  3. Good luck! Can I suggest getting better about 3 times as many pants as you think you will need? And maybe more pants style ones than boxers as they will keep poo in better. Our rule is that if a poo goes in the pants they get binned as I don’t want to contaminate all my other washing (ny machine is not the best!) so we go through so many pairs. The potette potty is brilliant, the best thing I bought when we trained our eldest and still going strong 3 years later. Hope it’s going well so far! Thanks for sharing on #kcacols
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    • Thank you! Second day in and it seems to be going OK! I brought six pairs of boxer shorts for him from Primark the other day but I’ll be heading back for more the minute we can go out, at least your not too worried about binning them like you said. Glad to hear the Potette worked for you, I wasn’t sure about whether to buy it or not as it got some mixed reviews, but 3 years on and going strong, definitely sounds like it’s worth the purchase! Thank you x

  4. My daughter is the same age and we have started potty training! It seems to be going well! I do think I may need more essential though, so thanks for sharing this! #KCACOLS

    • We started yesterday and it seems to be going OK, the one thing not on the list is hand cream! The amount of times I’ve washed my hands after cleaning the accidents is insane :o) x

  5. I am very much looking forward to a follow up post – 22 months does seem young! We waited til ours was talking coherently and we just bribed him with chocolate buttons to wee on the loo (we bought a seat, he was scared of the potty after an incident involving lack of room for his bits!!) Thank you for linking with #KCACOLS and hope to see you again next week.
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    • There will definitely be a follow up post! Luckily the IKEA potty is quite roomy so no problems with his bits getting in the way but I never would’ve of thought about this until I read it online somewhere, to me a potty was a potty! Luckily it’s going well so far hopefully it won’t be long before he’s telling us he needs to go x

  6. Ah good luck! We’ve tried the “try it and see method at 23 months, he was so excited to see the potty and he sat on it no problem. The next day I could tell he was trying to hold the pee in! He kept bringing his nappy over to me! Big fail. He knows you wee in the potty but I guess he’d rather let it soak in in nappy. Beautiful.

    • Awww bless him. I was a bit mean and ditched the nappies altogether, I suppose it is a bit confusing when they’re so used to weeing in their nappy, they probably think we’re insane for trying to get them to go in the potty!

  7. For my three kids, potty training went smoothly when they were ready. If they aren’t ready it’s a disaster & best to stop & come back to it in a few months time. I haven’t heard of that book before – great title! Good luck training! Thanks so much for linking up with us at #BloggerClubUK x
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    • Luckily it’s going well so far, but I suppose you pretty much know if they can take in what you’re trying to teach. I definitely agree though if they’re not ready it could be a complete mess x

  8. Good luck with the potty training! I hope it goes well for you all. You seem very well prepared. The Potette is really great, we used this up until the end of last year for outings because it’s hard for tiny bums to balance on grownup toilets… especially gross for them to have to hold onto the seat when out and about sometimes. #BloggerClubUk
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    • Thank you. I think I’ve stocked up for a potty war! We still haven’t ventured too far out so have only used the Potette once but he seemed happy sitting on it, hopefully we get as much use out of it as you have yours x

  9. This is interesting as we’ve sort of been thrown into potty training without realising and I wasn’t prepared at all! A just pulled it out one day, sat on it and went, but we’re now struggling as he doesn’t understand he needs to pull his pants down to go haha, may invest in that book! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    • It’s great that he decided to get in to it by himself. Even though I started to teach my little man to pull his trousers down when undressing for the bath etc. he still doesn’t do it when sitting on the potty, I suppose that will come in time! The book is really good and a funny read, I’ve pretty much followed most of it and it seems to be working x

  10. Best of luck! My son is just over two and this is starting to be on my mind. We do have a potty, but I think we need a different one as he has sat on ours a few times and looks very uncomfortable! We have that little Ikea step already, but I’m liking the sound of the Ikea potty! #KCACOLS
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    • Thank you, it’s going well so far! The IKEA potty is really good and I found the front is high enough that he doesn’t end up weeing all over the place. Good luck for when you decide to start x

  11. Fab list – we used probably most of these items when potty training. I used the potette with my eldest but we have the OXO Tot portable potty for M which is a lifesaver when we are out and about and there is no toilet in sight! #KCACOLS
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    • Oh my god the OXO tot travel potty looks great, I didn’t know they made potty’s, I have their booster seat which is great. The Potette is great but I think it may be more suitable for a girl, we’ve only used it once so far but he seemed to pee over the top of it, hopefully it’s just a case of positioning himself better! x

  12. Ahhh good luck! Before I was a teacher I worked in a nursery on 18m-30m old and we tended to potty train them all together at 2yrs old – some started at 18 months if they were ready. It involved lots and lots of toilet trips, trying to catch a wee in the toilet so that we could them of course give lots and lots of praise!!!

    Arthur is nearly 17 months and has started to show an interest in the toilet – we aren’t actually potty training yet (he does know when he’s doing a poo because he said poo!! Very loudly! But not so sure on wees) we bought a seat that fits on the toilet and sit him on there before bathtime to et him used to the idea – he’s going through a stage of wanting to copy mummy and daddy (let’s be honest, he sees me on the toilet ALOT!) so as long as he’s interested we let him sit there. I hope we aren’t actually making it harder for ourselves when we do potty train properly though! #KCACOLS
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    • Yeh privacy in the loo is totally out the window! I did the same, brought him a potty and left in the bathroom so every time one of us went he would come in and pull his potty out and sit on it. He seems to be doing well, it’s obvious when he wants a wee but not so much when he needs a poo, luckily he has been dry at nights since day one so just focusing on day time and getting him to tell me when he needs to go now. Am sure he’ll be fine when you decide to go ahead and potty, especially as you’ve done it before, I got through a whole box of milk tray in two days! x

  13. My son is 14-months, and I’ve decided to start introducing the potty. I know he’s still very young, but he is showing several readiness signs. And the biggest thing is he won’t. stop. reaching. into. his. dirty. diaper!
    Last night he smeared poo EVERYWHERE, and I decided enough was enough. I’m honestly not a believer in ‘too young’ and think it’s all dependent on the child. Wishing you the best of luck, and thank you so much for these awesome tips! Sounds like we’re both going to need them (: #KCACOLS

    • We are indeed! I know it’s horrifying when it happens but you have to laugh, my little man had a tendency to grab his nappy when I was changing him and swing it around like a looney! I don’t think there’s a right age and yes it may be a little harder if they’re not able to communicate verbally but if they’re ready then they ready. Good luck! x

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