• The restaurant was horrific! He did the same to me on Wednesday at Costa coffee, it was funny though as he had to do the walk of shame to the loos, he was walking like John Wayne so everybody knew exactly what happened! x

  1. Wow, it sounds like you guys are doing really well with PT…Taking notes and going back to read week 1! we haven’t started it at all, other than when she has naked time before the bath and she wants her pants on, then sits on and does it through the pants!!! not sure what thats about but we’ll get there! good luck and well done little man and Happy Birthday

    • Thank you! We did three days (I think) of naked time and then we went commando to try and avoid peeing on his pants. I hope it goes well when you do start and she picks it up quick x

  2. Potty training is super draining, but sounds like you’re doing a great job. As for the pooping in the pants things, have you looked into the Dry Like Me training pads? They can be used for both poop and wee and are fab for those poop messes when out and about! #TwinklyTuesday

  3. The Tale of Mummyhood

    Sorry to hear that your little one has been ill. He is doing so well with the potty training though, even if there is the odd accident. This post really stood out to me, I’m secretly looking for tips for when my eldest is ready for potty training!


    • So glad you found it useful. I’d definitely recommend the book at the Potette Plus, we went to Westfield on Wednesday at it was a life saver. Good luck for when you decide to start x

  4. Potty training is the pits! The only positive is the reward of being on the otherside – whenever that may be.
    Keep going, you’re getting there!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

  5. It is scary but I suppose we have to bite the bullet and be prepared for the worst! I brought a waterproof protector for baby K’s bed and cut him off of any liquids an hour before bed. It is freaky when the decide they want to play ball and tell you they need to go. The first time baby K did this I thought he was playing games the poor thing 😊 x

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