1. My youngest had these and think they are fab. As he went through a phase of tipping then up side down and they are really good for no spillage. Luckily he had moved on to big cups now but definately recommend myself X

  2. Whoop, I’m glad you shared this on #MarvMondays because I read it last week and you totally sold me on these cups. But I couldn’t find the link to reshare!

    These cups are amazing and since reading your post I discovered a couple of friends had them and were equally as pleased. I order 2 last Monday and collected them on Wednesday. My daughter took to them immediately, which she hasn’t done with any other beakers / bottles apart from her Tommy Tippee ones. She keeps trying to tip the liquid everywhere and is confused when she can’t. Although not even these little beauties can cope with her throwing them down in a rage…. But they are ‘miracle’ cups not ‘managing the impossible’ cups.
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    • Awwww so glad I could help and that your little lady loves her new cup 😊 I know what you mean about them being thrown on the floor, my little man does the same but I suppose it just goes to show they need a battering before they let a drop of water out x

  3. Oh wow, that’s genius! Though A hasn’t been taking a cup to bed for long (he would have his milk before bed), we’ve now started to struggle with spillage as it’s been so hot he now takes water to bed with him, would love to try this. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    • They are great, I brought mine to get him used to drinking without a straw, he’s a lot more confident and not so accident prone when drinking out of a cup now x

  4. This looks really great, I haven’t seen anything like it here, unfortunately. My two-year-old usually drinks out of a cup, but we haven’t broken the bottle habit with her milk yet. Our doctor said it was ok as she doesn’t spend long drinking it, but I think it’s something we have to tackle soon. #MarvMonday

  5. Note, I thought that perhaps the reason the 2 year old had so much trouble with this was because he had already learned how to drink from a normal cup, so next I gave it to my 1 year old who has no problem with using baby cups and is used to sucking things out of straws.

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