1. You’re not alone. Like you say you spend ages trying to teach your kids to say mummy etc but swear words they get first time. I inadvertently said “sh*t” last week and tried to change it to “oh sugar”. My 7 year old just smiled!! #twinklytuesday

  2. I think my mummy would have burst out laughing. She’s got a colourful vocabulary as well and tries to keep it undercheck in front of me. I think the more attention you bring to it the worse it is as well. Kids don’t really understand at this age…so will hopefully forget…hopefully.
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    • Hopefully. He said it this morning as we were driving to my mums, he comes out with ‘car, what the f**k’. I’m continuing to ignore and hope for the best 😊

    • Don’t Mr H got a rise out of the fact that it was me he got it from and not me. He’s hoping he’ll say it at nursery and I’ll have to explain myself….men 😒

  3. oh we shouldn’t laugh but it is a funny, why do they always copy the bad words. I’m sure he will forget soon…ill cross my fingers for you. #abitofeverything

  4. Oh very very funny – really made me laugh – it must be such a fun word for a toddler to say as my 18month said “oh F£@*# when she was trying to climb on the bed once – mortified! and it was the day before she was starting at a childminder that I’d so carefully chosen for her on my return to work – was terrified that she was going to let the side down and let that lovely little word slip out! #familyfun
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  5. Oh yes. This happened to me too so I told my son never to say bubbles. Which of course he kept repeating and I had to keep pretending to be shocked (for about 2 years) still it got me past the embarrassing f*$# stage. TY for linking up with #FamilyFun 🌸

  6. This really made me laugh! I don’t blame you though, bad drivers are the worst. I swear loads so definitely going to have to be careful when my bubba is older. #FamilyFun

  7. That is so funny! I haven’t heard my 3yo swear, as such, but he did once come to me and ask innocently, “Mummy, what does twat mean?” I can’t remember what I made up, but it definitely wasn’t the real definition! 😉

  8. lol this happens to us all at some point. It’s so embarrassing, but funny too and you do see the funny side of it. Bless xx Thanks for linking up #abitofeverything

  9. Oh, no!

    Our little baby was about two years old when we were eating our dinner one evening.

    His dad mentioned ice cream in the freezer and his little face lit up in his high chair as he repeated “ice tleam”. Before Dad could stop himself he let out a “shit”, as we were trying to make sure little one ate a proper dinner before he got fixated on the sweet stuff. You can guess what he repeated next…

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