1. Hahaha. My 21 month has been in the terrible twos for months already. He is generally fine as long as there has been enough sleep, and snacks help on public transport.;-p

    • Yep snacks sometimes work with mine, by the time he’s through this stage he’s going to be a little chubba lubba! We’re doing a Westfield trip on Wednesday so going to be stocking up on snacks and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movies on my tablet, hopefully he co-operates and we have no tantrums :o)

  2. Oh gosh, totally! We’ve been lucky with the terrible twos so far, and I was actually starting to think that we may have passed this stage unscathed. But no. At 20 months our little one has suddenly started with the crying for little or no reason, pressing buttons (figuratively, not literally) and generally testing the boundaries. It has been H.A.R.D work lately. But i’m hoping it passes soon too! Great tips, thanks for sharing them on #MarvMondays. Emily

    • Nursery keeps asking us if anything has changed at home because they’re not used to him acting this way! It’s definitely testing but we can do it, we’ll get through it with a little bit of sanity left 😊 Thanks for commenting x

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